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  • Meggitt PLC

    Meggitt PLC is a global engineering group specialising in extreme environment components and sub-systems for aerospace, defence and energy markets.

    http://www.meggitt.com - 2014-12-22
  • CFM International

    CFM combines the resources, engineering expertise and product support of two major aircraft engine manufacturers: Snecma (SAFRAN) of France, and GE of the U.S. Truly a product of international cooperation, the CFM56 line of six engine models offers unparalleled reliability and cost of ownership. With a thrust range of 18,500 to 34,000 pounds, they’re well-suited for many commercial and military aircraft.

    http://www.cfmaeroengines.com - 2014-12-22
  • Rolls-Royce plc

    Rolls-Royce is a Power Systems company: for more than a hundred years we have been providing power for aircraft, ships and land applications. We are best known for our aero engines, that power many of the world’s most advanced passenger jets, like the new Airbus A350 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. But, there is much more to the company than that. We also produce low–emission power systems for ships, some of which we design ourselves.

    http://www.rolls-royce.com - 2014-12-22
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